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Fedor Fedorov

At the Federov Hockey Academy, we wanted to put a top-notch "custom" strength and conditioning (performance) center in our hockey facility. Ray was accommodating in his knowledge of Fitness and Sports Performance. Strengthio's Fitness's ability to customize our colors and logo was amazing. Their installation team was flawless. Strengthio Fitness then went above and provided a professional Strength and Conditioning coach to perform an in-service (orientation) for our athletes. Strengthio has been there for us before, during, and after the installation!

Tony Kovicak

What an amazing place, with a great setup and assortment of equipment. I worked directly with the owner, and he was helpful in getting me up and running regarding my equipment needs, and answered my questions with ease and in a timely manner. I didn't get a chance to workout at the facility, but I'm excited to get it on the docket. Also, didn't realize they sold used equipment - which given the pandemic/quarantine - surprised me that they had ANY equipment available. Highly recommended.

Kelsey Turek

We needed real, good gym equipment for our house and Strengthio was great at helping us order what we needed. When I picked up our equipment, I got to look through what they had and was able to order more while I was there. If you need anything besides your basic dumbbells, go through Strengthio.

Walter O'Neill, Ed.D

These guys are the real deal. Amazingly knowledgeable but humble enough to meet you at the level you are. Their equipment is top notch professional grade and their services are impeccable. I use these guys for business and residential. 100% confidence in them - trust them completely! Recently picked up a gym quality elliptical for my home. I am completely out of shape - they treated me like I was a king. Had little knowledge about the equipment - they walked me through everything at my pace and comfort. They gave me an amazing deal and provided delivery service as well! No regrets here - now I just gotta get on it and use it :-) Walter

Andy Bix

Great place for quality new and used commercial equipment. Service department is fast and very knowledgeable.

Aaron Gemalsky

Great place to pick up new and used equipment. They seem to be able to keep the most popular items in stock. I worked with April. She was great and was focused on understanding what I was looking for at the moment as well as what I might be looking for in the future. I would definitely recommend this place.

Bruce Montgomery

I have had great experiences buying exercise equipment at Strengthio. Ray is very knowledgeable and was able to assess what equipment would work best for me at my home gym.

H Williams

April was great!! She took the time to show me what equipment was available without the pressure to buy. Reasonable prices for home gym equipment.